JKHEAD_0Dr. John Krige has a PhD in physical chemistry from the University of Pretoria (South Africa) and a PhD in the history and philosophy of science from the University of Sussex (Brighton, U.K.). He joined the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2000 as Kranzberg Professor in the School of History, Technology, and Society. Prior to that he directed a research group in the history of science and technology at the Cité des sceinces et de l’industrie in Paris, and was the project leader of a team that wrote the history of the European Space Agency. Krige’s research focuses on the intersection between support for science and technology and the foreign policies of governments. He was honored by being aa Regents Professor in 2018.  He retired in July 2020, and is now resident in Paris, France, as the Kranzberg Professor Emeritus.

While at Georgia Tech he has expanded his interest beyond the study of intergovernmental organizations in Western Europe to include an analysis of U.S. – European relations during the cold war. His curriculum vitae, covering the period during his employment and sine his retirement list the multitude of articles and books he has produced.  His most recent publications, all by the University of Chicago Press, are an edited collection, in 2017 entitled How Knowledge Moves. Writing the Trantaional Historyof Science and Technology,  a companion edited collection, published in 2022 that is theoretically richer and more comprehensive in scope, entitled Knowledge Flows in  Global Age.  A Transnational Approach, and a co-authored volume, with Mario Daniels, entitled Knowledge Regulation and National Security in Postwar America, also published in 2022.